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Diet and Health eBook

In an age in which the world is flooded with nutritional misinformation, Diet and Health provides sc..


DeVasher - 1413: A Reason to Believe: The Highest Claim (MP4)

Believing is one thing, but knowing why we believe is an entirely different story. Do we know our re..


DeVasher - 1414: The Death of Moses (MP4)

Is death really the end? What happened after the death of Moses?


DeVasher - 1415: The Gift of Tongues (MP4)

This lecture features a Biblical study on the gift of tongues.


DeVasher - 1416: Wise as Serpents (MP4)

Why is it important to be as wise as serpents?


DeVasher - 1440: Who is my Neighbor (MP4)

We know that we should love our neighbors as ourselves, it is not a question of whether we know whet..


DeVasher - 1441: From Mark 6 to Acts 6 (MP4)

Let’s journey from Mark 6 to Acts 6 to learn more about Jesus’ earthly ministry and how we have the ..


DeVasher - 1442: Aaron, Miriam, and W. A. Spicer (MP4)

How do the lives of Aaron, Miriam, and W. A. Spicer demonstrate different attitudes for Christ-like ..


DeVasher - 1443: The Not So Secret Rapture (MP4)

What will the rapture really look like?


DeVasher - 1444: Burying the Dead (MP4)

In order to fully live in Christ we must first fully die to our old lives. This lecture will outline..


DeVasher - 1445: Judge Not… Yet (MP4)

Instead of being judgemental, we need to be judicious.


DeVasher - 1446: A Few Questions About Death (MP4)

Death isn’t truly as frightening and mysterious as we may think. The Bible has provided us with many..


DeVasher - 1447: Take This Cup (MP4)

What does it mean to have our cup exchanged for Christ’s cup?


DeVasher - 1448: John the Baptist (MP4)

How did John the Baptist’s life exemplify Jesus’ own ministry?


DeVasher - 1449: The Centurion (MP4)

Let us take a meticulous look at the centurion’s meeting with Jesus to figure out what really happen..


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