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Kratzke 1110: What Faith is (7 DVD Set)

In this series, we take a look at what faith really is. This series additionally looks at one of the..


Kreuzer - 1200: Did Darwin Murder God? (6 DVD Set)

6 DVD Set by Chad Kreuzer.


Kreuzer - 1220: That You May Know You Have Eternal Life (12 DVD Set)

Are you assured of salvation? Do you know what it means to abide in Christ? Does suffering strengthe..


McClintock 360: Discover Total Health (7 DVD Set)

7-part health series that discusses hormones, diabetes, alcohol, osteoporosis, cardiovascular and au..


Mellas - 2100: Ecclesiastes Series (13 DVD set)

Investigate Solomon’s experiences with vanity in the book of Ecclesiastes and discover the evils beh..


Obomsawin 370 - Life Science Seminars International (7 DVD Set)

This 7-part DVD set from Dr. Raymond Obomsawin discusses important health topics ranging from vaccin..


Padderatz 1300 : Mega Trends of our Times (14 DVD Set)

Where is the world heading? In this relevant and exciting Series, Dr. Gerhard Padderatz discusses th..


Pandit - 2200: Come Search With Me (8 DVD Set)

Subodh Pandit's 8 DVD Set "Come Search With Me."


Pel 525: Beyond Tomorrow (20 DVD Set)

Politicians, religious leaders, and influential people have all made promises. Yet financial instabi..


Pel - 830: For Such a Time as This (11 DVD Set)

Join international speaker Daniel Pel as he explores today's application of Biblical prophecy. What ..


Pel 1505: The Shaping Factor (3 DVD Set)

Three-part series by Daniel Pel. Pel addresses a very important question of what it means to be the ..


Pel 1510: The Unhindered Gospel (3 DVD Set)

What hinders you from proclaiming the kingdom of God? Discover how you can enter the story of Acts ..


Peppers - 1900: God’s Answer to Modern Atheism (5 DVD Set)

Peppers provides ways in which we can provide intelligent and thoughtful answers to complex question..


Peppers - 1910: The Sanctuary, Surrender, and the Spirit in the Last Days (3 DVD Set)

3 Part series The Sanctuary, Surrender, and the Spirit in the Last Days


Ritsema 400: Media on the Brain (6 DVD Set)

We see it all around us. Hollywood, popular music, TV, video gaming, spectator sports, e-relationshi..


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