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Currently we are still developing our mission school and preparing it for students. Your generous support of this project will allow us to build the infrastructure to make this a reality. We are almost there!

In addition, ongoing support of this fund will maintain the facility for optimal use for many years to come.

Donations to this fund cover:  maintenance of existing buildings on the property, landscaping and additional growth needs. Our current growth needs are:

>> A cafeteria (eating area) attached to our kitchen. We desperately needed a kitchen for campmeeting meals and student meals at our mission school. We had planned to build 1 large building to house all of our storage needs and a kitchen but we were able to convert the beeshop into a kitchen. Now all we need is a place for people to eat during the colder winter months. A cafeteria is planned to be added to our new commercial kitchen and will cost approximately $150,000. Would you please help us meet this need so that students have a place to eat?

>> A building for the shipping warehouse will allow us to have dry, rodent-free, temperature-controlled storage of our DVDs and books, and more space for assembly of the DVDs. Currently we have outgrown our existing shipping room. The estimated cost for this building is $600,000.

>> Another need is a storefront that will allow us to sell our veggies in a separate building rather than in our front foyer The storefront will be a place for the community to come for, not only bread and deli items, but at the same time, to access truth-filled books & DVDs that will answer their questions and lead them to Christ. Currently our veggies are displayed in our front office foyer, and this is not a long-term solution. The store will be an annex just off the entrance for easy access but will allow veggies and refrigerators to be in their own room. We plan to convert an existing outbuilding near the front door for this purpose, lowering the cost to approximately $110,000 to complete this building.

>> Grounds lighting & gates to improve security of our staff, students and facility will allow customers to better find their way on our property when the sun sets early in the day in our northern location and during evening public events. In addition, it will allow us to secure the facility from intrusion during off hours to keep equipment and buildings safe. A generous donor has donated the lights, and now all we need is to install them. We need just $25,000 to complete this portion of our original building plan.

>> Walkways were always a part of our original building plans but we put them on hold until we receive the needed funds. Currently there are no walkways around the buildings, which means that water is able to seep into the basement and crawlspace, and cleaning snow and ice is challenging in the winter. We receive a lot of snow in our area in the winter. With better walkways, not only will our entrance doors have proper pads, but cleaning the walkways of ice and snow will be easier in the winter ensuring that our staff and customers do not slip on the ice and injure themselves. Cost for the cement to finish this portion is: $75,000.

>> Housing for students - 2 small cabins and a larger cabin with several rooms will provide warm, dry & clean housing for guests & students of our mission school. We currently have no place for students and speakers to stay. We would like to build some cabins for students, speakers, and temporary guests that will be nestled in the forest along the trail, and allow for a beautiful serene place for students to meditate on God's word, and stay in comfort. We need $300,000 to complete this project. The smaller cabins will cost approximately $75,000 and as soon as we have the funds for 1 cabin, we will begin building.

Your help with these projects would be greatly appreciated and allow us to move forward on greater service opportunities.

***TO Donate - Enter the amount you would like to donate in the quantity field. Each item is worth $1.00. If your having trouble phone us at 1-866-572-9457. We apologize for the inconvenience. ***