Child's Health Summit - Recap Bundle (Bundle)

Barbara O'Neill
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Expected release date is 2024 Jul 29th

Included in this Bundle

O'Neill - Children's Health (4 DVD)

As with just about every aspect of child-rearing, numerous theories exist on when children should be introduced to solid foods. What’s the best food to start baby on and how do you know your child is ready for solids? Can a plant-based diet adequately provide for the needs of growing children? In part 3, Barbara shares sensible advice on nutrition for children.

Ritsema - 400: Media on the Brain (6 DVD Series)

Media has become the world’s new idol. Movie characters cover lunchboxes, bedsheets, and clothes. We’re surrounded by idolatry. Children are bonding with fictional media characters instead of forming strong spiritual ties with their parents and Heavenly Father. The propaganda machine is pumping out advertising and marketing to encourage looser morals. Scott Ritsema will examine many current examples of how entertainment corporations have an agenda that many people don’t know about.

Ritsema - 2320: Schooled (2 DVD Series)

Education is undoubtedly important. We all want our children growing up in good schools and learning valuable lessons for their adult lives. However, there are some troubling statistics about the American school system. In this first part of Schooled, featuring Scott Ritsema, we will look into the history of the American school system. Where did we adopt our educational system from? What are the true motives of educators and movement leaders? Perhaps school isn’t as simple and straightforward as we thought it was.

Meinhardt - Preventative Parenting - 6 episodes (4 DVD)

Meinhardt - KidsTalk Health - 8 episodes (Single DVD)