Cross - 3024: How to Develop an Effective Lifestyle Plan | Old Mountain Remedies (DVD)

Walt Cross
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What lifestyle changes should you make to avoid North America’s 10 deadliest diseases? Want to learn how to reverse heart disease? What’s the best longevity diet available? What are the top two root causes of disease? Discover answers to these questions and learn how to create a lifestyle plan that works for you!

In this presentation, Walt Cross takes you through a step-by-step process of creating a lifestyle plan that will help you achieve your wellness goals and help you avoid the deadliest chronic diseases so common today. Discover how to identify your mission or goal for health, assess your health and lifestyle history, and recognize potential causes for sickness. Learn how to identify your personal behavior trends that trigger poor choices You will learn how to spot dietary issues using a health diary, understand the importance of having a support partner, and learn other strategies to make your plan successful.

You will also learn how to detox your body and mind, the best foods for detox, and the best way to begin each day. Discover the diet that has been shown to reverse cardiovascular disease and give 15 more years of life. Want to live longer and healthier? Find out how to create your personalized lifestyle plan now!

1 Hour, 43 Minutes