DeVasher - 1409: Heaven on Earth (DVD)

Kameron DeVasher
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What is Heaven like? Can we find examples of what Heaven is like from what we see on Earth? Kameron DeVasher explores Numbers 2 and how the camps of Israel are a reflection of what Heaven on Earth is like. In Israel’s camps, each tent has a unique placement around the center tent. Imagine a concentric circular pattern wherein the centermost tent is the most important. God has arranged all these camps a certain way, and each tent within the camp has a special structure. 

DeVasher explains how the Heaven in Revelations is described very similarly to this scene in Numbers. There are many parallels, including which different emblems and house banners are used. DeVasher discusses how God’s people, we, are the ambassadors and reflection of Christ. This scene in Numbers is used to illustrate the layout in Heaven. We are God’s example of Heaven on Earth. How can we be good examples of God’s people? How can we demonstrate harmony, love, and order to non-believers? All people should be able to look to us and see Heaven reflected in our actions, our standards, and in our lives. (30 minutes)