Gabbert - 7401: The Original Design for the Heart of Man | God's Healing Way to Mental and Spiritual Health (DVD)

Dan Gabbert
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We are mental, physical, and spiritual beings. God wants us to prosper in all these dimensions of our lives. However, more and more people are reported to have a mental disorder. The WHO reported that approximately 450 million people globally live with mental disorders. With so many people who require mental healing, imagine all the money that is being poured into psychological and secular health practices. Dan Gabbert reviews the warning that is in Colossians 2:8. Should we be allowing anyone to be treating us for our issues? Consider how we should turn to the Word of God for true healing. Since God created us, He knows how to fix any problem that we may have. 

In our modern world, health professionals encourage blood tests, brain scans, and endless procedures and evaluations to solve our health issues. However, even with all this testing, we rarely - if ever - know the root cause for any of our disorders. We are turning to people who do not have the answers. Only the Lord knows the real answer, and we can turn to the Bible for solutions to our earthly problems. Jesus is calling us back to simplicity: we should be looking for the healing of the heart. The Bible and Christ provides us healing for eternity, not just temporary drugs and patch-fixes for our health troubles. So instead of turning to people for hope and comfort, Gabbert reminds us to go to the source! Go to God for wisdom, compassion, healing, and for everlasting hope. 

25 minutes.