Gabbert - 7402: The Reality of God's Love - Understanding My Value | God's Healing Way to Mental and Spiritual Health (DVD)

Dan Gabbert
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All of us are sinners. Oftentimes we fall back into temptation and sin time and time again. Sometimes it is really hard to comprehend that we have a forgiving and loving God who wants us to return to Him. How could God still love us if we keep disobeying him or falling away? However, we can heal our hearts and souls through Christ. If we choose to lay our sins down at His feet, all things are possible by looking unto Jesus. How do we look for advice? We approach a friend and listen to their words. Then we apply their words. We do not merely hear, we listen and then put these words to action. 

The Bible works as Jesus’ testimony. We can go to God’s word for encouragement, hope, love, and to grow closer to Him who always loves us. God sees us positively, regardless of our sinful past and present. We are loved by Christ, and He wants to save us all, even with our sin. But we need to desire change, ask for His help to change, and do all that we can to change. In The Reality of God’s Love - Understanding My Value, Dan Gabbert teaches about the character of God’s love. His charity for us never fails and He is patient with us. Let’s study his word to better understand the reality and eternity of God’s love! 

50 minutes.