Gabbert - 7403: The Reason for Existence - Why I Was Created | God's Healing Way to Mental and Spiritual Health (DVD)

Dan Gabbert
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Many people often wonder: why am I here? Why was I born? What is The Reason for Existence, and why was I created? Everyone wonders about the purpose and reason for our lives, but those who know God have an answer! Just as the universe was divinely and wonderfully made, so are we. We are each and every one of us created for a specific purpose and end. God designed us in love, and in an image of Him, with a plan in mind. God is love, and he lovingly made us so we could grow and learn more about Him each day. Though we are far from perfect, we can turn to God for an example of how we can improve our lives and grow closer to His perfection. That is what the Bible is for. It acts as a guide and also as a means of comfort. 

If we read the first commandment, we already get a glimpse into our purpose. We are to love our God with all that we have, in order to receive the abundant and awesome promises He has given us. Sometimes however, it is difficult to believe this is true, especially with all the evil in the world. With all the terrible things happening, can we still discern God’s purpose? Dan Gabbert asks us to consider how God plans everything before he says it and puts it into action. Gabbert also explores how we can learn to love Christ and how we can show this love to others. Discover the real Reason for Existence - Why I Was Created by God, and for God! 

30 minutes.