Gabbert - 7405: The Role of Conscience | God's Healing Way to Mental and Spiritual Health (DVD)

Dan Gabbert
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What is the conscience? It is simply a feeling within us telling us what is right and what is wrong? Conscience plays a vital role in all of our lives, but particularly so for Christians. Conscience affects our decision maker, and conscience is intimately involved with our day-to-day lives. We all have convictions of conscience, helping us distinguish right from wrong. Dan Gabbert reminds us, however, that our conscience can be warped and influenced by evil. 

We often desire earthly treasures, and our conscience can be tempted. We can only defeat this impure conscience with the Holy Spirit. We need the Holy Spirit to help discern sin from righteousness, and we require Him to hone our conscience. Through spiritual training by studying God’s word, we can turn our consciences into accurate barometers of right and wrong. 

20 minutes.