Kreuzer - 1202: Textbook Deceptions | Did Darwin Murder God? (DVD)

Chad Kreuzer
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For years, textbooks have been teaching information about evolution that has been proven false. It is said that the person who states his case first seems right until the other comes along and examines it. What do the textbooks teach about the continents? According to evolution, the continents are 2.5 billion years old. But several geologists have highlighted a problem: North America should have been leveled in 10 million years if the erosion had continued at the current average rate. Something is not right about this perspective of evolution. According to the Bible, humanity has walked the earth for about 6000 years. Both of these mindsets cannot be correct. We have to prove one right. At the end we will realize that all people live by faith, whether it is faith in textbooks or faith in the Word of God. Which one will you believe?