LLM - Battlefield Hollywood - 6 part series (1 DVD Set)

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#1 - False System of Worship - Do some actors possess an out-of-this-world talent, or are they actually possessed themselves? This lecture takes a looks at the phenomenon of celebrity worship and the talent behind the masks (42 minutes).

#2 - The Home Hypnotist - Does watching TV even affect us? Is there such thing as subliminal advertising and does it work? This lecture uncovers the scientific side of the entertainment industry (69 minutes).

#3 - Coming out of Hollywood - What messages are the movies really relaying to us? This lecture examines the common themes written between the lines of Hollywood's scripts (59 minutes).

#4 - Hollywood & Your Name - Does entertainment really affect you? Can you decipher the good from the bad? This lecture sheds light on what the Bible has to say about Hollywood's effects (46 minutes).

#5 - Alpha & Omega Apostasy - What is the Alpha and Omega apostasy? What does it have to do with the media? This lecture explains what we should look out for, and discusses a new form of spiritualism that has been creeping into the Christian Church.

#6 - Personal Testimony - This presentation shares the the stories of those who God led us out of Hollywood and into His marvelous light.