Mayer - 1709: How the Greeks Destroyed the Jewish Church (DVD)

Hal Mayer
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The Jewish church was strong, so what brought it down? What was it replaced with? The Greek culture emphasized knowledge as power. They had strong political and intellectual leaders. In this lecture with pastor Hal Mayer we will look at what Greek culture was like in contrast to Jewish culture. Though Greek armies and physical power wasn’t that long-lasting, but Greek philosophy and intellectualism are still around. What made Greek culture so prevalent even in our classrooms today? 

How did the Greeks bring down the Jewish church and diminish the Jewish church’s influence? Watch this interesting lecture to find out what appealed to the Jews about the Greeks that led them to giving up their own culture and church to become more materialistic - copying the Greeks in fashion, finances, faith, and more - resulting in sacrificing their own identity. 

35 minutes.

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35 min