McCabe - Cross and Crown (Book)

James McCabe
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“There never has been a time . . . when a proper appreciation of the spirit and principles of the Reformers was so necessary as at present.” James Mc Cabe, Cross and Crown, preface.

James McCabe wrote these words in 1873, alarmed at the rapid rate at which Protestantism in America was falling to Rome. Cross and Crown: The Sufferings and Triumphs of the Heroic Men and Women who Were Persecuted for the Religion of Jesus Christ, is an account of the persecutions suffered by Protestants of Northern Italy, France and England during the 16th and 17th centuries. It is also a warning of the inroads Romanism was making in America in the 1800s.

Who were the men and women who stood for Bible truth at the peril of their lives? What were the principles the Reformers were willing to defend to the death? Is the truth as precious to you as it was to them? The battle against Bible-based Christianity is approaching its climax. Are you prepared for the conflict?

Gain a better understanding of the issues at the heart of the conflict that has embroiled God’s remnant throughout history. Learn about the Vaudois, the Huguenots, and the English martyrs. Hear the history of how the Gospel came to the isolated regions of Europe and how these last bastions of Bible Christianity were targeted by the Roman Church. In the stories of famous and less well-known Reformers, you’ll learn about the kind of faith that can endure every assault.

Get to know the faithful men, women, and youth whose experiences are recorded here. Learn important lessons from their inspiring stories.

“Let us acquaint ourselves so  thoroughly with the principles of the Reformers that we may be able to make them our guides through life, and to defend them from the attacks of Rome and its allies…Let us hold fast to our open Bible…let us bring into our daily life, and live up to them, those great principles of the Reformation which are the very basis of our civil and religious freedom, and we need not fear for the future.” James Mc Cabe, Cross and Crown, preface.