O'Neill - 3012: Healing the Gut | From Sickness to Health (DVD)

Barbara O'Neill
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Our gastrointestinal tract is 8 meters long. This lengthy tract is where we get all of our nutrients from the foods we eat, so we better know what’s going on! We need to understand the house we live in and understand our bodies. So let’s journey together from the mouth through the entire gastrointestinal tract to learn the amazing process of processing food! This journey changes the foods we consume into substances that energizes the blood and is used by our cells. 

Amazingly, we have complete control over our gut, because we have control over what we put into our mouths! Therefore we must be mindful of our food choices as everything we eat affects our health. Learn how our different organs work, how pH balances change depending on where the food is in our bodies, and what enzymes are involved in breaking down our food. Remember that water is one of the most important aspects of our health! In this easy to understanding presentation, Barbara O’Neill will review the entire gastrointestinal system so we can learn what affects our guts, and in turn how we can heal our gut! 

52 minutes

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From Sickness to Health
Time Length:
52 min