O'Neill - 3014: Physical & Spiritual Effects of Fasting | From Sickness to Health (DVD)

Barbara O'Neill
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There are many health trends, and we hear a lot about fasting. But fasting has been around for a long time, in fact it was used Biblically many times. So what exactly is fasting and what are its benefits? What actually happens to our bodies during a fast? See how fasting was historically used to benefit the body. Discover how glucose and fat gets stored and how these things affects the body during a fast. We have storage and backups in our body when we are not taking in food, so the energy that is normally reserved for digesting a meal is used elsewhere. Learn about how excess energy can then go to areas of greatest need to help the body heal itself.

In this lecture with Doctor Barbara O’Neill we will learn all about fasting. Fasting provides more than just physical effects, but spiritual effects as well. In order to achieve rest and rejuvenation, we need to first cleanse our bodies. Fasting is just one of the most efficient ways to clean house! 

49 minutes

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From Sickness to Health
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49 min