Ritsema - 2321: Schooled Part 1 (DVD)

Scott Ritsema
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Education is undoubtedly important. We all want our children growing up in good schools and learning valuable lessons for their adult lives. However, there are some troubling statistics about the American school system. In this first part of Schooled, featuring Scott Ritsema, we will look into the history of the American school system. Where did we adopt our educational system from? What are the true motives of educators and movement leaders? Perhaps school isn’t as simple and straightforward as we thought it was. 

Students are now pushed into school at earlier and earlier ages. Children spend more time in classes than at home with their families. They are conditioned to memorize facts and figures merely for standardized testing but not prepared for mature learning. Our literacy rates are dropping. Our comprehension of complex ideas is waning. We don’t study the same way as American society used to, and we don’t study for the right reasons. In this startling and compelling series on our school system, Ritsema reveals the history behind our modern day educational system. Learn how we got here and whether our current model of learning is really the best one for our children. 

65 minutes.