Shahbaz - 554: Islam the Prophetic Picture - Second and Third Woe | The Prophet Picture (DVD)

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Continuing on from the last lecture, Shahbaz B. and Michael Avaylon examine the second and third woes in Revelation 9 and 11, which correspond to the sixth and seventh trumpets. Using the one day equals one year historicist time prophecy principle, these speakers identify the second woe as the period during which Muslims under the Ottoman Empire scourged the Roman Empire for 150 years. The Ottoman Empire fell on August 11, 1840—the exact date the Adventist preacher Josiah Litch predicted in the 1830s, although not many believed him at the time. We’re currently living in between the second and third woe. Contrary to what some people think, the third woe does not concern Muslims. This woe talks about the kingdoms of our Lord, thus referring to Jesus. Jesus is the woe that “comes quickly,” whose return is a curse for those who don’t believe and a blessing for those who do. (50 minutes)