Shahbaz - 9000: Good News for Muslims (13 Part Series)

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1. Islam Today&nbsp;<p>2. Can Muslims Trust the Bible?&nbsp;</p><p>3. Is Jesus for Muslims?&nbsp;</p><p>4. The Truth About Sin&nbsp;</p><p>5. the ultimate Sacrifice&nbsp;</p><p>6. Did Jesus Christ Really Rise from the Dead?&nbsp;</p><p>7. My Journey to Pease</p><p>8. Visions and Dreams&nbsp;</p><p>9. The Father, Son, Holy Spirit Controversy&nbsp;</p><p>10. Violence in the Quran&nbsp;</p><p>11. Obeying God's Requirements&nbsp;</p><p>12. God's Holy Day</p><p>13. Identifying God's Apocalyptic people&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p>Shabaz is the author of the book, Tow Sacrifices One Destiny. He is currently an associate speaker for Amazing Discoveries and the host of the Voice of HOpe television broadcast.&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p>Steve Wohlberg is the director of White Horse Media. International speaker, television producer and author of over 30 books, he has also spoken by special invitation inside the pentagon and U.S. Senate.&nbsp;</p>