Skeete - 872: Better than the Best | A Closer Look (DVD)

Randy Skeete
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God gave His one and only beloved son Jesus to die for us, making it an ultimate sacrifice. This sacrifice is absolutely essential for our forgiveness and pardon. This sacrifice cost the most precious blood of Jesus, and so our price has been paid by the painful sacrifice. 

In this second part of Randy Skeete’s A Closer Look series, learn about the greatest event in the history of existence: the atoning sacrifice of Jesus, the Son of God. Yet, the Bible says in 1 Samuel 15:22, "to obey is better than sacrifice.” What does that mean? Consider how our Lord wants us to obey Him as a sign of our love and commitment to Him. We do not need to offer burnt offerings, but instead God delights when we follow Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Are you ready to give God better than the best? 

45 minutes

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A Closer Look
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45 min