Skeete - 874: The Second Time Around | A Closer Look (DVD)

Randy Skeete
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When God says something, it comes to be. When He said, “let there be light,” light came into being because of His word. However, each time the Lord makes a proclamation, it costs Him some of His power. His storehouse of power is unlimited, but there is a cost associated with every miracle He performs. Though each action may require power from God, He is happy to do so because we are worth the world to our Lord. We are worth more than any other creation by His hand, and so He has willingly and lovingly given His life for us. 

In this lecture from Randy Skeete’s A Closer Look series, discover what it cost the Lord to save us, and how we are worth it to Him. The first time around when God gave Adam life, it was easy and the cost was small for God. However, when Adam sinned, this became the second time around when God had to actively and purposefully save us with His blood. This second time around involves sin, and it cost Him dearly. He has chosen to make salvation and redemption available to all of His beloved children, and He has readily paid the ultimate cost. Learn about the huge implications of the second time around. 

40 minutes

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A Closer Look
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40 min