Steed - 982: Reformation and Religious Freedom (DVD)

Lincoln Steed
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In 1517 Martin Luther struck a blow against a corrupt religio-political system that had left in its wake nothing but degradation and doctrinal decay. As the Bible was translated into the languages of the people the Reformation gathered a head of steam that made it unstoppable. A new form of society resulted from the events of the Reformation. The Peace of Westphalia, treaties that brought an end to Europe’s religious wars, brought about modern society with its independent, sovereign states.

But if 1517 changed the world, 2017, the 500th year anniversary of the Reformation marked the middle of the devolution of that world. Nation states are dying, civil wars are being fought on religion and the world is in chaos.  In 500 years, a mere 7 – 10 lifetimes, we’ve come from a time when people were willing to put their lives on the line for truth to a time when many, through ignorance and false charity, are ready to sign away what was won in blood 500 years ago.

Will Bible-believing, Bible-reading Christians soon be considered to be dangerous fundamentalists and extremists once again? The tides have come and gone and they’ve erased the Reformation. The time has come for a spiritual a sea change once again.