Veith - 2021: Battle Lines - Prologue | Enmity (DVD)

Walter Veith
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The war between Christ and Satan is an all-out war that wages every single day. We are so used to living in the world, that we hardly notice that this controversy exists. But it does exist, not only on a global level, but also in relationships between people, and even within our own hearts. Enmity - a permanent hostility between two parties - is seen wherever we look. From the interactions between husband and wife, sister to brother, friend to friend, neighbour to  neighbour, stranger to stranger  - in the family, in society, between countries - enmity rages. 

Enmity can be both good and bad. The enmity Satan promotes is hatred against God. And he does everything in his power to create disunity, disharmony, conflict, rebellion, and outright war against God or anything or anyone that might want to follow God. The enmity of God is the grace given by God to resist the devil. It is God working on our twisted hearts to make them in line with His Spirit. This is where enmity rages the most - day to day we are faced with choices - choosing to speak and act and think like God or contrary to Him. And every little choice brings us one step closer or farther away from God and the life of perfect obedience and happiness that He has in plan for each of us. Of the decisions made on that personal level, our society is composed. Of society's composition, we experience the goodness or evil of what the collective mindset can produce. And most often it is pain and suffering. Because our choices affect others for good or for evil. 

The little choices we make each day are not as little as we often think. The outcome of this war between good and evil in our hearts will affect our destiny. Enmity the series is about this war - the war for every heart, and the war Satan wages against God on a global level. 

Enmity #1 - Battle Lines: Prologue - begins at the beginning - where it all started - in Genesis. The battle lines were drawn back there in the garden and 6000 years later, we are still not finished with this war. Future episodes will cover this topic further and explore enmity on a personal and global level. 

In the end, we find that God's enmity is our only hope, allowing God to increase our revulsion for evil, our fear of stepping out of the boundaries of His perfect law, and thereby creating in us a reflection of His character, restoring the image of God that was how man was designed to be in the first place. 

The Enmity series is for anyone who has asked the hard questions: why there is suffering and pain in this world? what is my purpose in this life? where are we going? how will it end? We encourage you to share this DVD with friends and family and start meaningful discussions about the real questions in life. 

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