Veith - 226 : The UN & the Occult Agenda | Total Onslaught (DVD)

Walter Veith
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Does the United Nations have only a political agenda or is there a spiritual dimension to its activities? In this video, the hidden agenda of the UN is clearly exposed. From its inception to its ultimate goal, the creation of a global religio-political system will have far-reaching consequences for every individual on Earth and possible catastrophic consequences for those who trust in salvation in Christ alone.

This presentation includes a look at Robert Mueller’s school and philosophy, and how the cosmic christ and the United Nations go together (91 minutes):

  • The UN's religious side
  • The UN’s education philosophy
  • Robert Mueller's school and philosophy
  • The cosmic christ and the UN
  • Twisted cross
  • Teilhard de Chardin
  • UN prayer and meditation room
  • Blavatsky
  • Alice A. Bailey
  • Annie Besant
  • Spiritualism and Lucifer worship
  • Ecumenism
  • David Spangler
  • A new economic order: redistribution of wealth and global government
  • Freemason symbols in US government
  • The Pope's UN support
  • UN representative speaking at GC Conference
  • Maitreya
  • Freemasonry