Veith - 266: Without Me You Can Do Nothing | Clash of Minds (DVD)

Walter Veith
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When Jesus walked on earth, He healed the sick, drove out demons, and raised the dead. He was the most beautiful Person who ever walked among men. In spite of all this, He was nailed to a cross. Is it possible He could be rejected a second time? Are we so different than those who rejected Christ at His first coming? The Bible teaches that the solution to our hard-heartedness and unbelief is repentance. Salvation starts with the mind, but the world has infected our minds.

In this video, Walter Veith gives a history of Jesuit theatre and discusses the effects it has had in all its forms upon society’s mindset. He shows from Miranda Prorsus and other papal encyclicals that the Catholic Church lays claims to all forms of media as its birthright. We must beware of defiling ourselves when Christ has purified us.

In a world like ours where truth and falsehood are so closely mingled that it is difficult to tell the difference, the only safe course is to obey Christ. He has given us a commission to carry the Three Angels’ Messages to the world. But how can we do this when society has been dumbed down and we’re living among the spiritually dead? It will only happen through faith in Christ, because without Him we can do nothing.

1 hour 30 minutes