Veith - 291: Pearls of Truth in Settings of Gold | Conflict and Triumph (DVD)

Walter Veith
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Those who don’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

The Protestant Reformation brought many forgotten truths of the Bible to light and, as a result, Protestants were driven out of Europe. Because of persecution, the truths that the Reformers died for have taken root in many nations around the world, but chiefly in North America.

It was on the North American continent that God gathered the distinct jewels of Biblical truth that came out of the various streams of Protestant theology and is now scattered among many denominations. Is God content to leave it at that? Or will He gather His people into one movement? And if so, will there be another great conflict?

Walter Veith explains why the United States of America will play an important role in end-time events and why history is bound to be repeated even in our modern age. 

1 hour 35 minutes.