White - Spirit of Prophecy Vol 2 (Book)

Ellen White
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Why did Jesus have to come to Earth to live and die as a human being? What was the point of His mission? What did His ministry accomplish? Why did the church leaders of His time despise Him?


This insightful commentary on the life and ministry of Christ is an invaluable resource for the Bible scholar. Explore the life and work of Jesus and discover His great love for you. 

Chapters include: 

  1. The First Advent of Christ
  2. The Life of Christ
  3. Life and Mission of John
  4. The Mission of Christ
  5. The Death of John
  6. Temptation of Christ
  7. The Marriage at Cana
  8. Cleansing the Temple
  9. Nicodemus Comes to Christ
  10. The Woman of Samaria
  11. The Centurion's Son
  12. Jesus at Bethesda
  13. Jesus at Capernaum
  14. Choosing the Disciples
  15. The Sabbath
  16. Sermon on the Mount
  17. The Leper Healed
  18. Parable of the Sower
  19. Other Parables
  20. The Loaves and Fishes
  21. Walking on the Water
  22. Christ in the Synagogue
  23. The Paralytic
  24. Woman of Canaan
  25. Christ Stills the Tempest
  26. Men from the Tombs
  27. Jairus’ Daughter
  28. The Transfiguration
  29. Feast of Tabernacles
  30. Go and Sin No More
  31. Resurrection of Lazarus
  32. Mary's Offering
  33. Riding Into Jerusalem
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