Children Ages 7-12 Activity Bundle

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Have fun while they learn!

Included in this Bundle 

Dillon - Michael Asks Why (2 Book set)

Based on The Great Controversy, the book answers the spiritual questions our children grapple with in a comforting, hope-filled way and encourages deeper discussion. Parents and adults who work with children will find this resource to be a great starting point for spiritual discussions with children seven to nine years of age that will open opportunities to point children to Jesus, the Source of help and hope.

Bible in Living Sound (MP3 on USB)

These 450 spiritually enthralling stories, re-enacted with music and lively sound effects, leave impressions of lasting beauty and wonder, putting the listener in the Red Sea at the crossing, beside David as he confronts Goliath, with Mary and Joseph in the stable, and there at the foot of the Cross. These stunning stories captivate listeners of all ages as they are enriched by visualizing the values taught in God's Word. Listeners want to hear these audio Bible stories again and again.

Youngberg - Singer on the Sand (Book)

An incredible, true story of a missionary family who landed on Great Sangir Island, just south of the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean to teach islanders truth, loyalty and faith. At first the village people were suspicious of the newcomers but soon many grew to love and respect the Christian family.

Heroes of the Bible (Board Game)

Explore the lives of Bible heroes in this fun, educational game. Players answer questions about Bible characters to move toward the finish. The game board comes in pentagonal pieces like steppingstones that players lay out in a unique, customized pattern. Inspirational fun for family, friends, and small church groups.

Filmalter - Creation By God, Or Evolution From Nothing? (Book)

If you’re concerned about what your children are learning in school regarding evolution, yet you don’t know how to answer them, this book is for you. If you think that the ‘story behind the story’ is too complicated to understand, this book is for you. If the truth REALLY matters to you, irrespective of what the ‘majority’ wants you to believe, this book is for you!