Teens Ages 13-18 Learning Bundle

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Have fun while YOU learn!

Included in this Bundle 

Life of Paul (Board Game)

A great way to learn more about Paul and his missionary journeys as you learn more about the BIble while having fun! This board game is number three in the Bible Journey series and includes a board game, question cards and board pieces. For 2-6 players

LLM - Battlefield Hollywood - 6 part series (1 DVD Set)

6 parts of the Battlefield Hollywood series included in this DVD - including Personal Testimonies from the Battlefield hollywood team

LLM - Artificial Atmosphere (DVD)

As the lines between video games and reality become more and more blurred, what is in store for today's society? Is there a link between violence and video games? See for yourself how some of the biggest games in the industry are vying for your time, money, and even your mind.

Truth Matters Podcast: Episode 20 - Hollywood: Babylon, Demons, The Chosen,… (DVD)

Is Hollywood’s fascination with spirits, demons, and witchcraft a big joke? Or is Hollywood the place of Satan’s throne? Matthew Schanche and MacKenzie Drebit interview Scott Mayer whose ministry, Little Light Studios, exposes Satan’s tactics in the entertainment industry and shows why spiritualism in entertainment is no laughing matter. In this episode we reveal the shocking extent of Satan’s influence through media.

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Preaching from the Grave (3 part DVD series)

Phodidas Ndamyumugabe was in Rwanda during the genocide. His experiences of how God spared his life on multiple occasions, even when he was digging his own grave, will inspire you! When you listen to this humble man’s story, you will realize that God is always in control! He will take care of your life in the smallest details, and He always cares for you! Your faith will be strengthened as you listen to this man’s story, and you will realize that the only way to see the issues of life are from God’s perspective. Phodidas’ story will increase your faith and decrease your fears of the future!