DeVasher - 1423: Ministry in the Early Church | Studies on Ministry (DVD)

Kameron DeVasher
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What was ministry in the early church like? Some of us may have an image of a much simpler time with fewer church flaws. However, Kameron DeVasher extrapolates the church in Acts 2 to give us a better picture of what the early church was like. Despite being set in an earlier time period, many of our current issues in the church are mirrored in Acts. So what went wrong? Listen and learn about how many Christians idolized their church leaders and elders instead of God.

God chose able men to be heads of the church to deal with and judge small cases, but God is the ultimate judge. Even today, many are tempted to make gods of their leaders, whether in politics or in religion. Too often, Christians idolize religious leaders and lose sight of Christ and the Gospel. How can we avoid doing this? In this episode, we consider important lessons from ministry in the early church. 43 minutes.

43 minutes.