DeVasher - 1424: Doing the Wrong Job Well | Studies on Ministry (DVD)

Kameron DeVasher
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How does ministry today measure up with the heavenly pattern, Christ’s earthly ministry, and ministry in the early church? Could it be that we’re doing the wrong job well? Pastors and ministers are called to be evangelists, and to preach the pure truth of God’s message. However, many church leaders spread this message to the converted, continually serving at their home church. Consider what it means to fully be an evangelist. Should church leaders play it safe and stay in their comfortable churches, repeating the same messages Sabbath after Sabbath? Or should they be out there, preaching to those who are less familiar with God’s plan of salvation?

This episode looks briefly at a time when the Seventh-day Adventist church rarely had permanent or settled pastors. Pastors roamed from place to place, setting up churches wherever they went. Eventually, a change came and there were more settled pastors. Evangelism waned. Church members looked to their church leaders for guidance, and became dependent on their presence within the church. Instead of focusing on the right priorities, the church ended up doing the wrong job well. How can we correct these errors?

43 minutes