Jensen - 890: The Consistency of God Series (5 DVD Series)

Butch Jensen
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In this five-part series with Butch Jensen we look into the unchangeable and perfect character of Christ. In the first part of this series we consider the question, “How did I get here?” Did we really come as a result of evolution? Were we made from nothing? Did the big bang explode us into existence? Part 2 looks at how the sanctuary proves that God had our redemption and salvation planned from the beginning. The third episode we consider God’s trustworthiness. How can we know for certain that God will do everything He says He will do? This lecture highlights the divinity and power of God in the light of Daniel 7. Part 4 answers the question, What is the crucial message in the Bible that applies to every person on earth today? Finally, the last episode looks at what the Bible says happens at the end of time. What will the end look like? What can we expect? Discover the consistency of God, evidenced even at the end of the world as we know it.