Jensen - 895: Will It Ever End? | The Consistency of God (DVD)

Butch Jensen
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Have you noticed an increasing frequency and intensity in end-time signs? Pestilence, famine, the words and actions of the little horn, political and religious issues all seem to be getting more extreme than ever before. Almost everyone feels as though things are getting worse. But can we put a finger on precisely what is wrong? The end is coming, and thankfully as believers and followers of Christ we have the hope of eternal salvation. 

This presentation is a review of what happens at the end. Will life on earth as we know it end soon? What will the end look like? What can we expect? How do Bible verses about end-time events demonstrate God’s consistency? The end of evil and sin is in sight. Sin and suffering will not be allowed to continue forever, because God finishes what He starts! How can you ensure that you’re ready for God’s deliverance? Learn what you must do to prepare for the end and to follow God alone. 48 minutes