Jensen - 891: How Did I Get Here? | The Consistency of God (DVD)

Butch Jensen
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Have you ever wondered, How did I get here? Are we really the result of evolution? Were we made from nothing? Did the big bang explode us into existence? Butch Jensen looks at two key verses: Titus 1:2 and Malachi 3:6 to evaluate the consistent, perfect, unchangeable nature of God. How does God’s perfect character affect our perspectives of our origins and future? To learn about how we got here, we must learn about where we came from. 

This presentation looks at the creation week for evidence of God’s character. If God is indeed the master of creation, He is also the master of our lives. All around us we can see the physical proof that there is something greater at work, Someone all-powerful who is in charge. Get a clearer picture of the infinite, all-powerful God of Creation and see One worth putting your faith in. 

38 minutes