Kreuzer - 1230: History of Memorization | That You May Know You Have Eternal Life (DVD)

Chad Kreuzer
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It is important for us to memorize the Word of God. It will be a shelter in hard times and always a guide in our lives. Martin Luther knew so much of the Bible, that at one point a memory verse came to him from Romans: “The just shall live by faith.” He began running through the Scripture in his memory and this brought about the Reformation. It is repetition that truly deepens the impression. You don’t have to be very good at memorizing, as long as you spend time in the Word of God you will get to know the Word of God just as a mechanic knows the parts of a car or doctors know the organs in the body. Chad Kreuzer shares how it’s all about being motivated and knowing the spiritual benefit of the Word. Learn various memorization techniques to help you impress the Scriptures on your mind and heart. If Jesus quoted the Bible to help Him go through temptation, ought we to do the same?