Mayer - 1706: Papal Call for World Authority (DVD)

Hal Mayer
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The times we are living in are compelling. As we near the close of probation, we have front row seats to watch the unfolding drama of prophecy being fulfilled. Globalized worship requires global governance: global political order, global economic system, global educational system, global enforcement mechanism. Globalism is an essential goal for global worship laws. “Internationalists” is another term. Rome aims to promote global socialism and eliminate the middle class in their objective of achieving universal solidarity. Climate change efforts are the key; collectively addressing environmental dangers appeals to the masses. If the Pope could orchestrate the international agreement on climate change it would elevate papal credibility to an all time high, and lead to a resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. Learn how the papacy is working to achieve a new world order by leading the world away from God by rejecting God’s laws. 

60 minutes.

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60 min