Mayer - 1714: The Papal Campaign for Climate Agreement (DVD)

Hal Mayer
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In 2015 many world leaders including Pope Francis met for a Climate Change conference in Paris, France. The conference concluded with the Paris Agreement, a global agreement on the reduction of climate change. Pope Francis published an encyclical called Laudato si’ to influence the conference, for action against climate change. What does this papal campaign mean for us? Are there sinister things happening behind the scenes? 

In this lecture with pastor Hal Mayer we will investigate the Climate Conference and the papal involvement behind it. Where are all these things headed? On paper it may sound positive, but do we really want a worldwide agreement on climate change or anything else? It seems as though more and more world leaders and politicians are joining together for the sake of security, safety, and progress. Is this really what we want? We will see in this lecture that the pope is doing all that he can to establish himself as the world’s moral guide through this agreement. 

74 minutes.

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