Burnett - 387: The Physiology of Addiction Part 1 | Proven Principles for Good Health (DVD)

Diane Burnett
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Do we all have sin? Do we all have addiction? In the Bible it clearly states that all have sinned and we have all fallen short of the glory of God. However, despite being sinners does that mean we are all slaves and servants to our addictions? 

In this informative lecture with doctor Diane Burnett we will look at the different parts of the human brain and their functions. How does addiction manifest and how does it change us? Discover that everything we see, hear, eat, and touch affects our brains and is imprinted on us. Every experience and memory leaves a mark upon our minds. So if we witness something traumatizing, it affects our development. So in turn if we experience pleasure from consuming a substance, we can become addicted to the feeling of pleasure. 

82 minutes.