Burnett - 390: The Appetite War | Proven Principles for Good Health (DVD)

Diane Burnett
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Natural fruits and vegetables were given to us to enjoy from God. Those things were declared good and therefore are beneficial for us to eat. However, man has been meddling with these perfectly good products and making food bigger, tastier, and seemingly “better.” Have we counted the cost of this trend? People are becoming addicted to their appetites. We crave dessert, bigger meals, sweeter drinks, and we are never satisfied. We have confused our needs with our wants, and we need to relearn the differences between hunger and appetite. 

In this lecture with Doctor Diane Burnett we will look at the tension between the conscious and subconscious mind, and evaluate how the food industry has manipulated the media, music, medicine, and our munchies for their benefit. There is a huge contrast between artificial nutrients and the real nutrients from natural foods, but is reading our labels really enough? Perhaps we are discovering that if something has a label on it and it is a manufactured item, we shouldn’t even be touching it at all. The food industry builds their business by bringing us back to them over and over again. Let’s learn to bring things back to the basic building blocks that God originally gave us. 

51 minutes