Burnett - 389: Physiology of Victory | Proven Principles for Good Health (DVD)

Diane Burnett
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People are creatures of habit. Many people pick up a coffee from their local coffeeshop on their way to work. Consume a standard cookie after lunch. Always a snack before dinner once you get home. We have certain dietary and life habits that have become routine and very comfortable to follow. Just because we have these habits doesn’t mean they’re good for us! In fact, many of the things we habitually do are harmful in the same way that biting one’s nails or staying up too late is harmful. 

In this lecture with Diane Burnett, learn how habits are made and how to change them. The food industry is constantly competing for your dollars, and they are using proven techniques that allure and addict consumers to their products. We and our children are quickly becoming addicts! Learn how to identify these traps and learn to avoid them. It’s about life and death!

85 minutes.