Mayer - 1701: It Just Happened That Way (DVD)

Hal Mayer
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It seems that the world has been moving ahead toward a new world order. Political and religious leaders have been encouraging unity for many years now, and it seems like globalism is quickly approaching. Did it just happen that way? In Hal Mayer’s It Just Happened That Way, we discover that we have been purposely deceived. Nothing just happened that way, in fact everything was planned and coordinated. World leaders are together developing a world control system, and one day soon all our freedoms will be restricted. God’s people will be restrained from fulfilling our work. This massive system of control is under construction, and we are now in a time where we can witness the rise of a hidden power. 

Mayer discusses the different means in which these leaders are going to seize the reins of powder. Many of these leaders are using a charitable facade as a cover. Just like the serpent in the garden, are we also being beguiled? Many people are fooled by seemingly generous and altruistic acts. However, there is darkness behind the scenes. With these people gaining more power, did it truly just happen that way? Mayer reassures us, however, that the Bible has warned us of this occurring far in advance. The Holy Spirit reveals exactly what is going to happen, and God’s people can be encouraged knowing who is going to win this spiritual war. 

70 minutes.

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70 min