Mayer - 1702: Globalism's Last Stand Part 1 (DVD)

Hal Mayer
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The book of Genesis is not only about the beginning, but it actually reveals to us a great deal about the end that is to come. What does the Bible tell us about our current worldly situation? Learn about Globalism through a Biblical point of view. How did Christ warn us about the centralized control of the earth? God foretold the layout and power of major cities. So does do major cities imply? Hal Mayer explains how it is easier to control people who live in large cities. 

By concentrating populations in a centralized space, leaders can simply determine which foods the people have access to, which schools are available, which utilities are there, and ultimately, the religion of the populace. Nimrod’s Biblical story reflects our dilemma. Listen to part one of Globalism’s Last Stand and learn about how the New World Order is soon approaching, but Jesus Christ reveals the truth amongst the deception. 

55 minutes.

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55 min