Mayer - 1705: The Islamic State and Global Unity (DVD)

Hal Mayer
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What do the Islamic State and global unity have to do with each other? What is the connection? Imagine if you will the perfect premise to catalyse change amongst Westerners to thinking constitutional rights are not as important as security. Since September 11th, 2001 there has been a slow erosion of rights occurring in the name of terrorism and stopping the “unjust aggressor” (Pope Francis). Though it began with the US and its allies, it's more mature current form is global in nature. 

Bible prophecy foretells of a global crisis arising that unites nations with other nations, finally resulting in war. This war is disguised as a war against Islamic and religious extremists; though the real motives are supremacy and global hegemony, with the ultimate goal being universal worship. Achieving universal worship will require a global coalition to work together to control the nations and the people that inhabit them. Lest we become pressured into falling into this deceptive ecumenical trap, Christians must surrender to Biblical knowledge and its testing truths. Learn more from the knowledgeable Hal Mayer in this video.

60 minutes.

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60 min