Mayer - 1703: Globalism's Last Stand Part 2 (DVD)

Hal Mayer
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The concept of Unity sounds wonderful, but is it truly all about love and acceptance? The term Unity can be deceptive, with dark intentions backing the drive for a New World Order. Consider how Nebuchadnezzar’s empire spread all over in Biblical times, which was his own form of Globalisation. Hal Mayer explains how Nebuchadnezzar’s story will be repeated in the end days. 

More and more, the world powers are pushing for a superstructure of unity to eventually oppose God. Our culture has shifted from nationalism to globalisation - from our educational system, to our food supply, to our religion - the world is aiming to become a global village. This is all about control, and these powers know that they cannot enforce a global system of worship unless they have everything else in control as well. We are seeing disturbing things in the news, and these small events are leading up to an even more terrifying future. 

So what are we to do? Mayer suggests in Globalism’s Last Stand Part 2 that we are to be like Daniel. We need to learn to live in a way that is not dependent on a global system, and we are not to worship the leading powers. Instead we are to rely solely on God. We need to speak up and speak out against the world’s demand for everyone to be united. As God’s peculiar people, we are to stand apart. Discover what it means to be in the world but not part of it. 

123 minutes.

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123 min