Burnett - 391: Sugars: The Good, Bad, and Hurtful | Proven Principles for Good Health (DVD)

Diane Burnett
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At one point or another, you have probably craved some sugar. Many people love sugar, and love and sugar seem to go together. We receive chocolates for Valentine’s Day, candies are a popular gift, children love soda and we often crave some sugar after a meal. Sweets are very tempting! But scientific evidence is showing that sugar is really quite the opposite of loving. 

If we care about ourselves and our loved ones, we must learn about the harmful effects of sugar and learn how to get back to God’s plan for healthy living. In this lecture with Doctor Diane Burnett, we will look into the terrifying effects of sugar on our health and discover what it’s like to get back on track to living a healthy life full of Godly love instead of edible and temporary love. 

82 minutes.